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2017-12-27 60 0

Introduce yourself: 1. 我叫张红。wǒ jiào zhānɡ hónɡ/ My name is Zhanghon

2017-12-21 58 1

Hi, Can anyone tell me any good ways to improve listening skills?

2017-12-14 39 5

Is there anyone can share your experience to learn Pinyin four tones. It's reall

2017-12-21 34 1

Hi, Anyone know what's the basic steps for learning Chinese? i'm a beginner.

2017-12-16 40 3

Do you know more words about weather in Chinese?I only know 下雨 (raining)。

2017-12-17 25 0

Hello 我家有三口人,why we don't just say “我家有三个人”。 what's the speci




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