Chinese idiom : 塞翁失马
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山行 Chinese Poem
16-12-2017 19:57 1159 0

山行 Mountain Trip is a very Chinese poem. It shows you a very beautiful picture of autumn. 作者 writer : 杜牧

相思  Chinese poetry
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相思 - 王维 ... The token best of love sincere indeed!

静夜思 Chinese Poetry
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静夜思 - In the Quiet of the Night

春晓  Chinese Poetry
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春晓Spring Dawn,作者:孟浩然

Chinese Idiom : 对牛弹琴  (中英)
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Play the lute to a cow, which implies that someone speaks or writes without considering his audience.

Chinese Idiom : 半斤八两(中英)
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Six of one and half a dozen of the other...

Chinese Idiom : 洛阳纸贵 (中英)
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洛阳纸贵The price of printing paper in Luoyang rises usually means overwhelming popularity of a new book (causing shortage of printing paper)

Chinese story : 晏子使楚 (中英)
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晏子使楚Yanzi was sent to State of Chu is a story happened thousand years ago. Yanzi earned the honor for his country through his intelligence.

Chinese Idiom : 拔苗助长 (中英)
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拔苗助长:spoil things by excessive enthusiasm (descriptive of a person, impatient for success, so acts as to destroy the very conditions upon which success depends).

Chinese Idiom : 五十步笑百步 (中英)
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五十步笑百步The pot calling the kettle black, usually imply to criticize someone for a fault that one has oneself.

Chinese Traditional Wedding (中国传统婚礼)
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Chinese traditional wedding has more than one thousand years history and considered one most ancient tradition in China.

Four Great Beauties in China History
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The Four Beauties or Four Great Beauties are four ancient Chinese women, renowned for their beauty. The scarcity of historical records concerning them meant that much of what is known of them today ha ...

扇子shàn zi - Chinese Fan
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China is always regarded as the kingdom of fans. The fan, which is made of thin bamboo strips, thin silks, feathers, leaves of sunflowers, and papers, is a traditional Chinese handicraft used for cool ...

汉服  Hanfu-Han clothes
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Hanfu is the traditional dress of the Han Chinese people. Now, many Chinese give up modern clothes, while put up on traditional Hanfu.





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