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Chinese New Year, What do you know?

Summary:  Chinese New Year is coming and this festival has thousands of years history. Do you know how Chinese People spend this most important festival? What are their traditions?

1. How Do the Chinese Celebrate the Festival

1).Reunion dinner

2).Giving Red Envelopes to Pass On Best Wishes

3).Decorating Buildings, Houses, and Streets with Lucky Red Items and wearing new clothes

4). Praying in a Temple to Receive a Year-Long Blessing

5). Setting off Firecrackers — "Goodbye Old Year; Welcome New Year!"

6).Lantern festival

 7). Temple fairs

2.What blessing words do Chinese people say? 




3. Chinese New Year Now

1). Greeting each other on apps, like wechart or QQ

2). Exchanging app red Envelopes

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